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Terms & Conditions

▲▲▲ PAYMENT ▲▲▲

  Payment is due at the time of order unless worked out with us first. We accept paypal & credit cards. We do not accept money orders, cash or personal checks.

▲▲▲ C A R E - I N S T R U C T I O N S ▲▲▲

We work hard to ensure each piece of jewelry will endure travel and adventure, but please note that many feathers and some crystals are naturally fragile, so handling your jewelry gently is recommended. 

Many of the materials we use (brass, copper, feathers, leather, wood, etc) are sensitive to moisture and may tarnish/damage with heavy exposure. To ensure the longest possible life for your jewelry, we recommend keeping it away from water.

All our feathers have been cleaned and sterilized in accordance with federal regulations. When not in use, please store in an enclosed, dry space to protect from wear and tear, dust accumulation, and pests. Please do not rinse or submerge. We recommend periodically cleaning the feathers with a blow dryer, using gentle warm air flow in the direction of feather grain to remove dust and debris. If your feathers become shabby after heavy wear, wave them over a humidifier or steaming pot of water while gently smoothing the tines between your thumb and forefinger in the direction of the feather grain. Thin, flexible feathers may also be rejuvenated one at a time with a hair iron on LOW heat, but make sure they are dry first! Please take care not to wet the metal components.
▲▲▲ O R G A N I C - V A R I A T I O N ▲▲▲

Product photos on made to order items are used as samples only and the pictured originals have likely been sold. Crystal, stone, and feather items are naturally one of a kind, so color, shape, texture, and size may vary slightly due to organic variation of natural materials. If you would like to see your item before it ships, please request a preview photo. 

While we do our best to provide accurate product photos, please note that the calibration of computer screens varies and may not reflect the exact color of the item listed.